The SME Wallet supports entrepreneurs in their processes of entrepreneurship, innovation and internationalisation, by providing grants for training, advice, strategic advice, advice international entrepreneurship, technology exploration and coaching. An important condition for this financial support, is that the services must be purchased from recognised service providers. The SME portfolio aims to be available to the largest possible number of enterprises. 

All training, education and strategic advice, both open and customised, are recognised for the SME portfolio. Any advice and training that contributes to the strengthening, growth or transformation of the company in Flanders and is given by a recognised service provider is eligible for support. 

Pitch Perfect is a registered service provider with approval number DV.O242098 for training and DV.A242099 for consultancy services. At Pitch Perfect, we work as much as possible tailored to your company, so that the advice or training courses meet the challenges and/or problem issues of your company today. After an intake interview with a positive evaluation, a proposal is drawn up. With your approval, an order form/agreement is then drawn up, upon confirmation you can then submit the grant application online.

What types of advice are eligible for the SME portfolio?

Advice takes different forms. Two types are eligible:

  • Written advice and recommendations consisting of an analysis of the problem, actual advice, an implementation plan and guidance on implementation. 
  • Written advice and recommendations that consist of identifying, mapping and investigating opportunities and solutions in relation to the operation of the business.

The goal? To move your business forward. 

Pitch Perfect provides strategic commercial advice:

👉 Sales & Marketing plan

👉 Budgeting & Forecasting 

👉 Implementation of CRM platforms

👉 Essential 10 Strategy - full development of strategic plan

  • Business analysis 
  • Mission & Vision 
  • Customer analysis 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Conversion
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Added value & value proposal 
  • Go-To-Market 
  • Budget & Forecast 
  • SMART Execution (KPI & Critical Success Factors)

👉 Essential 5 Strategy - shortened version of the Essential 10 Strategy

  • Business analysis 
  • Customer analysis 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Added value & value proposal 
  • Go-To-Market 

We provide training and coaching in the following areas, among others:

Junior & Intermediate level

  • Prospecting techniques 
  • Upselling, Cross-selling & Deep selling 
  • Presentation techniques 
  • Account management
  • Lead Generation
  • Closing skills
  • Sales Enabling Tools & Social Selling

Senior level

  • Strategy in Sales & Marketing
  • Leadership & Ownership
You can find us on the website of Vlaio to make your request or contact us.