The sales process from A to Z

Your sales team needs a refresher on prospecting techniques? Extra punch and manpower is needed to make sales? You are an expert in your field, but do not have sufficient knowledge of the strategic side of sales? We can help you further in each situation individually. If you say or think "I need all of the above", we will work with you to set up a complete Sales process to help you move forward. Together, we look at the entire strategic part and adjust where necessary or start from scratch with a new and innovative Sales & Marketing plan . We make sure your sales team has the necessary knowledge to put the new plan into practice through training . We help follow up the steps in the plan and ensure that the strategy is adhered to based on further guidance of the sales team and feedback moments. If there is a need for (extra) operational sales force, we look within our own team of Sales Instigators to match the right profile and help implement the strategic plan.

Strategic exercise

Over a period of a month, we schedule several sessions to take a closer look at the entire strategy. Based on an intake interview and some targeted questions, we get a better picture of the current sales approach. We analyse the pain points and identify the phase where things are stuck or just running smoothly. We get to work on the things you are stuck with as a company and also look at the things that are already going well. It's about the complete picture from A to Z in order to determine the complete strategy and possibly polish up the good points.

Based on this information, a plan is drawn up. As anyone with entrepreneurship knows, a strategic plan is vital. Without a strategy, you are just doing something but don't know why you are doing it, who you are doing it for, what results to expect and so much more.

We have two different approaches or can also fully tailor to your business. On the one hand, we have the shortened strategy track. Here, we provide you with all the information on the steps within the adapted strategy and also explain what changes should be implemented. On the other hand, we have the extended version in which we go deeper into the different steps within a strategy and expand to various topics that are taken up. Always completely hands-on with a view to immediate implementation afterwards.

Sales Training & Coaching

Sales training and coaching can be seen completely independent of the strategic part or it can be part of it. When we talk about the ideal route, for sales training and coaching we mainly look at the needs of the sales team in function of the strategic plan that was drawn up earlier. First of all, it is important that your team is aware of the changes within the strategy as this also entails operational adjustments. Once this is done, we look at the needs of the sales team. If it emerges that the points for improvement lie mainly in prospecting, we will focus on this during the training. If things are not going well with the follow-up of prospects and customers, we will work on this.

Tailor-made for your company and your team, we create a training course using the information we have already obtained during the strategy formulation process. We can use the training sessions very personally and go one-on-one or we take the entire team together.

Once everyone knows what is expected of them and the sales skills are refreshed, we obviously don't stop there. It is sometimes said that sales is follow up, follow up and follow up . This is what we naturally do in our training courses. We use a coaching process to check whether the development of the strategy is going well and we make adjustments where and when necessary.

Sales Representation

As with Sales Training & Coaching, Sales Representation can also stand alone as a service or be part of the full course. Are you a small company and as the manager you are responsible for sales within your company? Has illness or pregnancy caused someone from your sales team to disappear for a long time? Is your current sales team not delivering the desired results? All scenarios in which we can provide support, both short-term and long-term.

If we look together to tackle the entire sales process, we start with a strategic determination. This is completely tailor-made and the period of this exercise therefore depends entirely on the company's needs and the direction we want to take. If you have your own sales team that you would like to use to work out the strategy, we can guide them further in this. This guidance can consist of a series of intensive training sessions, but can also be more in the background to make adjustments if necessary. If you do not have your own sales team or do not have the right person within the team to take this on, we can also deploy a sales instigator.